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 Steel Framed Homes


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Built in features that are out of sight....

You canít tell by looking, but thereís a long awaited revolution occurring in todayís home building industry. Taking the place of wooden sticks that comprise the "framing system" of traditional homes, is a new system made of steel. Thatís right ! According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), approximately 25% of all homes in the next five years will be built with steel framing.

Already, there are thousands of steel frame homes completed in the United States and overseas. You havenít noticed them because, once completed, these homes look just like traditional stick homes.

CLASSIC STEEL FRAME HOMES is a leader in this exciting revolution, with many models to choose from .... all pre-engineered with unlimited options in design and style. And working with your independent authorized Classic builder is a breeze. You may choose from our list of standard floor plans or design one of your own. There are no limitations to creating floorplans due to the unique "clear-span" feature of steel framing ... interior walls are non-load bearing (carrying none of the weight load), and can be arranged in many configurations not possible with conventional wood framing methods.

Please take a few moments to look at the many features that are built-in to CLASSIC STEEL FRAME HOMES.


Product Desciption:

The Standard Classic Home Package includes the following material:

  • All necessary structural components including columns, rafters, beams, metal roof purlins, bolts, and fasteners to construct the primary structural components.
  • Exterior 8" metal studs, track & fasteners.
  • Interior 3-5/8" metal studs, track and fasteners for walls as indicated on our standard drawings.
  • 1 1/2" furring channels for all ceiling surfaces as indicated on our standard drawing.
  • 8" second floor metal joists and fasteners for all two story areas as indicated on our standard drawings.
  • Metal framing components and fasteners for all dormers and roof saddles as indicated on our standard drawings.
  • Roof and wall sheathing screws.
  • Complete set of working drawings including anchor bolt layout and details.

Note: All other materials, equipment, systems, and fixtures required to complete and finish-out the structure are NOT included in the Classic package. Any item not specifically listed as included in the Standard Home Package is specifically excluded. Optional materials available for purchase from Classic are listed elsewhere.


The Steel First Floor System includes the following materials:

  • 8" metal joists(16" on center).
  • Center girder beam and inverted track joists support.
  • Extension of columns to compensate for depth of floor system.
  • Extensions of endwall studs to compensate for depth of floor system.
  • All fasteners required to assemble the materials listed above, except as noted below.

Note: The following materials are NOT included in the steel first floor system: *Any item not specifically listed as included in the System is specifically excluded.


Key Benefits

  • Fire Resistant, Termite Proof, and No Rotting.
  • Consistent Quality and Straight Walls.
  • Lightweight and Less Scrap/Waste.



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